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Why To Use A Builder Dispute Lawyer In Noida For Addressing Your Concerns

The one thing that remains closest to the heart while striving for all that hard earned money is to have a home of your own. A child, growing up, dreams of owning his or her own space that is made according to their will. But what would happen if something were to go wrong during the execution of this long held wish? The money that you have already spent will not be compensated; neither will the effort you put into it be given back. If you are living in an expensive locality like NOIDA, you would know how big of a shock it can come as. Whose door will you turn to then? If any such problem occurs to you, the best way to address it would be to hire the best advocate for builder disputes in Noida.

Safe and secure:

A number of reasons work in its favor. Below we list some that might encourage you to take the legal aid we refer to:

  • Legality: If a builder has undertaken the construction of your project then he/she is law bound to complete it by a given date and as per the specifications agreed to. There are laws that are there for safekeeping your interest. A lawyer would be able to guide you as to how you should tackle it. The matter might get resolved by a legal notice or get dragged into a courtroom.
  • Possibility of strong arming: The builder might try to force you into accepting his/her terms. If such a thing occurs then it will be regarded as a criminal offense and treated as such. You are entitled to receive monetary compensation and relief under such circumstances. Trying to address the issue on your own might result in you getting exposure to anti-social elements.
  • Effective resolution:Builder disputes lawyer in Noidawill tell you that taking a legal recourse is the best way to guarantee that the issue reaches an amiable end. If it comes under the vigilance of law, it becomes the responsibility of the judiciary to see to it that justice gets done.
  • Cease and desist: It does not always have to be about your property. Maybe a builder is constructing in your vicinity that prohibits structures of certain kinds or above a certain height. You can approach law to issue a cease and desist to such constructors. It will also mean that you have become a whistle blower and are liable for getting protection against physical and emotional distress.

Reaching an acceptable end:

Sometimes, to save their own cost and time, a constructor might object to adhering to your specifications. You should know that you have the full backing of the law in such cases. Do not try to accomplish any such deed that would nullify your claim. This would debar you from taking any help of the law. Builder disputes often drag on for long, exercise due patience.

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