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New York City Local Law 26

For your next project, you may want to talk to the contractors, because it is very important to consider that the law applies in New York.

Local Law 26 maintains fire safety recommendations for existing office structures in New York, as well as future projects. The most important requirement of the LL26 is the installation of a sprinkler system within 15 years of the promulgation of the law. All New York homeowners will have enough time to install theirs until July 1, 2019. For the existing building in New York, it is important to consider installing the sprinkler before the deadline.

With the hustle and bustle of the city, it is normal to see old and new tall structures. New York has long been known for its strictest fire prevention codes in the country. As we know, many buildings in New York have implemented what LL26 covers. However, many older buildings do not.

Back in 2004, LL26 was decreed as the reactions of the terrible attacks of September 11th. The assessment clearly showed that buildings do not provide adequate protection for the occupants of New York high-rise buildings. Learning from this error, the government is strictly encouraging all homeowners in New York to comply with the LL26 law.

Requirements for buildings range from elevator vestibules to exit signage. Most buildings have compiled the minor requirements and apply them in their building. However, there are not as many buildings that have installed sprinkler systems. This is because sprinkler systems cause the most expensive for all properieterais. The final deadline of Local Law 26 will be next year. So, if you have an old building that is 100 feet tall or more, you would want to consider complying with local law 26 as you can.

There is a logical reason why the subject of local law has been raised recently. It is even trend throughout the city of New York. We know that the deadline is another year. However, buildings that have not upgraded are required to submit the draft report by July 1, 2018. This report should be the correct message that signifies the owner of the building planning the installation of sprinklers. If your building is not yet compliant with local law 26, you will need to make a plan and send your report to the city by July 1st.

In the climax, you should know that your building is affected if:

  • It is at least 100 feet tall, or more
  • Your building has offices or used for business occupancy
  • There is no watering system inside

If your building already has a sprinkler system, you must also make sure that the current system meets the requirements of local law.

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