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Know the different types of placement personality tests

Know the different types of placement personality tests

Career placement personality tests are conducted by almost all organizations these days when it comes to selecting candidates to fill up different positions lying vacant. Such tests are conducted to assist the recruitment panel to determine if the applicant’s character and personality is suited to the profile that is to be filled up. Most personality tests do require the candidates to regard a particular statement from ‘strongly disagree’ to ‘strongly agree’. It may also be to take into consideration the statement ‘never’, ‘sometimes’ or always. No right or wrong answers can be found to the queries set on the character profile test.

Importance of selecting the most appropriate personality tests

It is necessary for every organization intending to select the best candidates to fill up for any particular profile, is to choose the best online personality test software. There have mushroomed numerous companies that do offer different types of online tests for organizations of all types and sizes to avail. These tests can be used to identify the desired skills and knowledge in the candidates who are to undergo the different interview processes, before being selected finally for the vacant positions.

Need for personality tests

Such tests are conducted generally to check the applicant’s personality and character. The test also rates the individuals in various personality types, namely: feeling vs. thinking, sensing vs. intuitive, introverts vs. extroverts, perceiving vs. judging. Once the exam is conducted, the candidate is then classified into any of the given group, namely: External Intuition Group, Internal Intuition, External Sensual Group and Internal Sensual Group. Each group gets broken into different personality types that result into distinctive personalities. Each personality type can have better abilities for specified career when compared to the other.

The personality tests appear at four major groups, namely, compliance, submission, inducement and dominance. The replies are likely to signify how fine the candidate will be able to hold his/her surroundings, problems, people and procedures. If high score is achieved, then the candidate is likely to be a perfectionist. He/she is expected to be business-like and organized and use judgment in crucial situations. But if high score is achieved in dominance category, then the candidate can prove to be a good administrator.

Major personality tests

The results of the conducted test are then broken into five areas, namely, openness to changes, agreeableness or accommodation, conscientiousness or consolidation, neuroticism or negative emotionality and extroversion. Scoring in each and every area does give out an indication of the career types that will suit the individual’s character and personality.

Again if high scores are found in agreeableness, then the candidate is probably a terrific psychologist. He can suit well in administration or public management, if low grade is attained in this particular aspect. Such factors, when combined with the other grades can be utilized for determining if any specific career is found to be appropriate.

Therefore, using such tests does help the recruiter to find out the very best candidate among the lot.

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