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Handy Holiday Planning Tips and Tricks

We all look forward to Holidays after a year of hard work. It is when you get to unwind and relax. So making the trip perfect is extremely important. The success of a trip is partially dependent on the effectiveness of your planning. This article lists handy tips and tricks to planning a holiday.

  1. Book in advance

Last minute bookings only work out as an exception in some situations. In most circumstances, it is advisable that you book as early on as possible. Whether it is airline tickets, booking a hotel room or booking a rental car, you have a better chance at scoring good prices if you do it way ahead of time. Prices tend to rise with time so it is better you don’t delay.

  1. Convert credit card points to Miles or Sell them

Anyone who owns and uses a credit card has the opportunity to earn credit card points. If you already have credit card points, convert them to airline miles. These can then be redeemed on different services, most prominently airline tickets. You can also sell credit card points online if you have no other use for them. The extra cash raised can be used to boost the travel budget.

  1. Clear the browser before searching online

Every time you start searching for deals on the web, clear the cookies and browser history beforehand. Many people have no idea that many travel sites use softwares which pick on keywords searched multiple times. The more times you search for a thing, the higher will be the listed price for it.

  1. Be flexible

Flexibility is very important if you wish to score economical prices for all holiday related activities and services. Never be fixed on specific dates. Moving the traveling dates a few days here and there may make all the difference in the price.

  1. Travel with cash

Make an estimate of the cash required during your trip. This way you will have an idea as to how much cash you would need. Preferably take dollars with you and keep converting the money as needed. Using credit cards and ATM cards abroad is normally costly. Keep those as a backup if you run out of cash.

  1. Book flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Experts suggest that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are ideal days to book flights. It is claimed that airfares are little less than usual on these days.

  1. Opt for minimum layovers

Holidays are for unwinding and relaxing. You really should not be exhausting yourself with multiple layovers just for the sake of saving a few bucks. Unless there is a drastic difference in price, go for one layover only.

  1. Find yourself a travel partner

A travel partner is not only fun but having one also means shared expenses. The cost of every expense is divided between two people which is a huge relief on the financial budget.

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