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Gym Guide: Look out for the Nearest Gym Club in Jakarta

More and more people have decided to join gyms. But, not all of them will stick around. The International Health, Racquet and Sports Club organization estimates that annual gym attrition rates are about 20 and 25 percent each year. So how do you make sure that you’re still showing up in the middle of the year? You find a gym you like and more importantly one where you feel comfortable. From the point you step inside the facility, it should be about the experience and the energy. Do they accommodate you? Do the people working out look like they’re having a good time? The experience determines whether the gym keeps you as a member or not.

Of course, there are more than 32,150 health clubs in the United States; therefore, picking the right facility can be a daunting task. Here are 5 must-know tips to make sure you pick the right place for the first time.


Find the gym close to home. In spite of their best intentions, most people won’t regularly drive more than 15 minutes. Use Google Maps or other online tools to locate all gyms within the five-mile radius. While you’re picking out your choices, check for easy parking – another potential hindrance in going to the gym.

Visit at the Prime Workout Time.

Saturday afternoon may be the best hour to hit the gym but is it really when you’re likely to grind out the miles? Visit at the time when you’re likely to go. More importantly, focus on the specific equipment and tool you plan on using. If there’s a cue, try to look out for the nearest gym club in Jakarta.

Ask for Gym Benefits.

People don’t commonly think of this element until they need it. Famous chains offer locations nationwide. For example, various YMCAs offer reciprocity with other YMCAs. Also, ask if a gym participates in IHRSA’s Passport Club. The program offers clients discounted guest rates at any participating gyms all over the globe.

Check for Clean Instruments.

Gyms are breeding grounds for germs. Keeping things clean takes more than just the nightly cleaning crew sweeping the floors. A specific study found out that rhinovirus has affected 63% of the hand-contact surfaces in the gym. Skilled crews need to come on a daily basis, but staff members should also be cleaning the machines on a daily basis. While you’re visiting, examine whether there’s a strict regulation of cleaning the equipment after use. If not, skip that facility or hit the gym armed with a hand sanitizer.

Ask About Its Emergency Plan.

Should you have a cardiac arrest, you want to be in the gym that’s armed with instruments for those situations. Most gyms have staff members trained in CPR, but what you really want is the gym with an AED. An automated external defibrillator can highly improve the patient’s chance of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest. Make sure the gym as one and has several staff members trained to use it.

Learn more about the things you need to consider when looking for the best gym by reading a trusted source online!

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