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Enjoy monsoons in Maharashtra with the yummy street foods

Enjoy monsoons in Maharashtra with the yummy street foods

With the advent of monsoons, the craving for fast food, especially that street food starts. The craving reaches to heights when you see someone posting experience about their street food outings on social media. Think of vadapav and tea and instantly mouth starts watering. In Mumbai, street food is part and parcel of everyday meals. The day is incomplete without them. In Maharashtra, the street food outlets are very famous.

Street food in Maharashtra and vada pav is synonymous to each other. It is the most famous among all the street foods here. But the street food is not only limited to vada pav. Maharashtra is one state which has a variety of street foods. Below mentioned are the top 5 street foods in Maharashtra.

  • Kanda Bhajji

This is a very special food of Maharashtra. You get a variety of pakodas which taste good both with green chutney or tomato ketch up. You can find them at some vada pav stalls or even different street vendor. When Kanda Bhajji clubbed with tea the taste becomes two fold.

  • Vada Pav

The most famous snack or street food of Maharashtra is Vada pav. This is also everyone’s favourite snack. Vada pavs are so tempting that you cannot resist yourself from eating it. You get attracted towards them with thevery name of it. The speciality of these vada pavs is that every vada pav has a different taste. They have become so famous that they are also called Indian Burger.

  • Pav Bhaji

The spiciest of all street food, it is loved by one and all. Such is the craze for pav bhaji that people search for pav bhaji recipe in Marathiand make the same at home. People also prefer this dish for dinner time. The spicy bhaji is made by mashing all vegetables and adding red chilly to it. You simply cannot resist yourself from trying this yummy dish. Some of the famous places for pav bhaji are Mumbai, solapur, Kolhapur and Pune.

  • Paani Puri

Again a yummy street food the name of which is enough to get your taste buds activated. The chaats included in this are bhel puri, sev puri, etc. The liquid filled in the puri is sour and sweet. People can also ask for sour or sweet liquid separately.  This is a must have street food for people visiting Maharashtra.

  • Kanda Poha

This is a very famous breakfast dish of Maharashtra. People prefer it with tea or coffee. It is yellow in colour and is very yummy. It is decorated with coriander leaves and lemon is added to make it taste great. In Maharashtra the dish is also served as a pre marriage dish to the guests visiting.

With all the above dishes the monsoons become a lot more enjoyable. These dishes are not only available during monsoon season but can tried all year long. For the people of Maharashtra these dishes are their everyday appetite. They even prepare them at home and relish the taste.

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