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Customize Golf Cart Transport with Proper Planning

Making a move to another part of the country remains filled with possibilities and excitement. One or two worries also continue to trouble us until we find the right solution for them. Among them moving the golf cart tops the list. It is not because we have a sentimental attachment to the vehicle but because we like to see the safe transport of all our belongings to the new house.

Check the carrier

Golf carts are not heavy as compared to the cars and boats that these carriers customarily carry but they have many attachments that might get damaged if one does not pay attention. So, instead of walking away after entrusting the golf cart transport to the shippers, one must stay there when they load it and see that they secure it properly. If they use an open carrier, the golf cart will become dirty by the time it reaches the destination.

If the destination is far away, then one must choose a closed carrier if possible. In a normal situation, they transport all the golf carts they have in one open carrier. This carrier might not fill up fast. It might take a few weeks so you must remain prepared to wait. It is not daily that one ships their golf cart. So, to remain on the safe side, you must arrange to ship your golf cart a couple of weeks before you plan to move.

Find the shipping company

One must choose a reputed transportation agent with a wide national network so you do not have any problems when you deliver or receive it. Google “good shipping company near me” and you will see the list of transportation agents. Choose the one you want and go the load board. The load board shows you the rates and the rough time for the shipping.

You get the load board by typing in “golf cart” in the search box. This will take you to the new page with the list of golf cart transport service, transporting agents, and trucking companies. They are waiting for their load of golf carts. You can see the time they expect to move. If a truck is almost full and he needs only one or two golf carts to fill up the truck then he will give the rough time as “today or tomorrow”. If you see someone show the time to move as “two weeks” you know he needs more than two or three golf carts.

Compare the prices

The other thing they mention on the load board is the price. You can see what each shipping company charges for moving the golf cart. By comparing the prices, you can get the cheapest deal. You need not pay anything for using the services. You must only pay the trucker who moves your golf cart. The website will collect usage charges from the shipping company.

Now that you have planned and arranged for the golf cart to move to your new house, you will have peace. Choose only an experienced shipping company as they will know the difficulties and remain prepared to face them.

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