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Cupcakes: There is one for everyone!

Cupcakes: There is one for everyone!

Cupcakes are the trendiest and yummiest cakes available these days. They are often decorated in such immaculate styles that they are not only a treat for your taste buds but also your eyes. Here’s a guide to pick the perfect bunch of cupcake for everyone.

For the little-

If you want to gift a box of delicious sweetness adorned in fancy fondant and cream work, then head over to any store which offers cake order online Jaipur. Find a little bit about the little ones like what are their hobbies, what colours do they like, what fictional character they love to pick the right box of cupcakes. If they like sports like cricket or computer games like the infamous angry bird, then get them a box of cricket themed cupcakes or a colourful box of angry bird cupcakes which has all the little bird characters. If you little monster is a fan of Disney, then you can get them a box of cupcake with the faces of mickey mouse and his friends or a one with minions if they love the naughty yellow munchkins.

For the Movie Buff-

If you have a friend who lives a life of fiction and makes the theatre his or her second home then you can get a box of cupcakes which are inspired by the movie theme. If they are into superhero movies then you can get them cupcakes which flaunt the symbols of the famous superheroes with pride.

For the love of your life-

Send your significant other a box of cupcakes on a busy work day to give them a little something to enjoy during the break time. You can send them a set of cupcakes which spells the magical phrase, “I love you” beautifully as a token of your love. If you want to go for something a little cheekier then send them the “kiss me” cupcakes so they return home with a mint in their mouth. Or you can cut all the fancy jazz and get a box of luxurious and moist Ferrero Rocher cupcakes that will fill them completely with sweetness.

For the Beauty Queen –

If you have a dear one who is in love with fashion and beauty then send a set of cupcakes that exude it to bits. You can find beautiful cupcakes which are adorned with makeup essentials which is perfect for the makeup geek. If she is into pink then you can choose cupcakes which are decorated with different shades of pink fondant or icing or both. It will completely win their heart. Pink cupcakes also work for someone who is recovering from some health issues and you want them to be in “pink” health. You can get sugar free ones if they are diabetic. You can also get cupcakes which has little fondant bag and shoes on them as decoration for the fashionista. If she loves flowers then your options are varied as you can get a lot of cupcakes which are decorated with butter cream icing in the shape of pretty flowers in beautiful, bright colours. You can even have them arranges in the shape of their initials to give it a more personal touch.

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