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The complete travel guide for your trip to Pune

TTPune is one such area that may not energize and get you kicking and alive at the immediate thought of it, however it is the pot of gold individuals discover surprisingly. This quickly developing city has such a great amount to offer to its guests that makes for an energizing long section in their travel diary. This article guides you through the city and what you could anticipate if you visit this city.

One of the quickest rising urban areas in India, Pune is a wonderful spot in the condition of Maharashtra. Despite the fact that not as celebrated as its neighboring city Mumbai, Pune has its own particular appeal. The lovely city with a decent amount of normal magnificence and high rises is turning into a vigorously populated city with countless and working experts coming to settle there. In spite of the fact that not mainstream as an unmistakable holiday destination, Pune figures out how to draw a decent number of voyagers consistently. Apart from Mumbai, it also sees a good bunch of visitors from cities like Delhi and Bangalore. New Delhi, Bangalore to Pune flights can be easily booked online. Mentioned below are the basic things you need to know about the city.

What to eat?

To eat good food, one ought to make a trip to Ferguson College Road offers a good variety of stuff to eat. From mouth-watering vada pav and sabudana vada to various other delicacies the rundown is perpetual. Paud Road is another well known road to try street food in Pune. Take the help of some local or scout online the best places to enjoy proper authentic Marathi cuisine.

What is the best time to visit?

Pune’s atmosphere appreciates a lovely atmosphere consistently yet the best time to visit the city is amid winters particularly in the months of November and December. It has a vast Marathi-talking populace, however numerous individuals comprehend Hindi and English. The most ideal approach to get around the city is in an auto rickshaw or a bike.

What to see?

Pune has a large assortment of historical sites and monuments to show its visitors, more compared to Mumbai. To mention a few notable ones that makes the list are Aga Khan Palace, Shinde Chhatri, Raja Dinkar Kelkar museum, Osho ashram and many more. You can also visit the universities and colleges built in old style.

How to reach Pune?

Pune has great connectivity and can be reached by any modes of transport. It also serves passage to some of the most pristine hill stations in Maharashtra.

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