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Can we play hockey please? Well, it depends.

If it were not for the members of Middlesex Cricket club being bored over the winter months there is a chance that we might not be playing hockey as it is today. The reason being that the Middlesex players needed something to do from October to late March. And so, it appears they didn’t fancy the rough and tumble of that “new” game Rugby (they were Cricketers and gentlemen after all) or the more common game of Football which, as it was a working-class game played by farmhands, mill workers and miners, they wouldn’t be seen dead doing that. What they needed was something more suited to their station and the noble game of Hockey seemed to fit the bill or field Hockey as it became known. Why they would choose to play it with a rubber cube is uncertain but if they had needed tips then watching a few Hockey Drill Videos from would have been a great help.

Hockey, or some form or other of it, had been played since ancient Egyptian times. Evidence of this had been found on a stone tablet where two figures are facing off against each other armed with J shaped sticks. Naturally this appealed to the chaps at Middlesex. At that time the British Empire was expanding rapidly so something that linked it to another empire was great. They also knew that a form of Hockey was being taught to school children in public schools its highly likely that the chaps thought they could develop that and so they did.

They weren’t the first official Hockey club. That was Blackheath in South East London who were also a football club as the two disciplines borrow from each other’s rules heavily, but they all still played with the rubber cube until the Teddington Hockey club decided they had had enough of that and introduced a small hard ball. This hurt a lot when it hit you, especially if you were the goal keeper, you certainly did not have the body armour that they wear today, so they also introduced goal circles. This meant that a player couldn’t just whack it as hard as they could goal wise it had to be within a certain radius of the goal to count.  An association was formed in 1885 and the first international tournament was held in 1895. It was won by Ireland against Wales 3 goals to nil. It might have been the centuries of playing the similar game of Hurling that gave the Irish the advantage.

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