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What are the benefits of using data cleansing tools in business?

Recently I came across a news of a company where ex-employees of the organization theft confidential data from the systems and used the same for their personal business. It caused the company a loss of over Rs. 3.3 crores.

Technology has no doubt helped businesses grow rapidly by expanding globally. In today’s advanced world, where almost everything is done online and through systems, most of the information is saved in the computer systems. This has made business alliances and associations for expansion and growth easier. But with the ease of saving and sharing information through the system, the risk of mistakes in data maintenance and data stealing also come. A minor mistake in master data management can cause a huge loss both in terms of money and reputation in the market.

In such an exposed situation, it is essential for the businesses to not just secure and safeguard their data but also update it regularly by deleting unwanted information completely. There are a number of data recovery tools, using which the competitors and ex-employees can retrieve the deleted data and harm the organization.  In such a situation, data scrubbing through professional tools is the only way to ensure the protection of company’s information.

Introduction of Data Cleansing Tools

Organizations which heavily rely on computerized data are at a high risk of information theft. To provide protection to these organizations, different data cleansing tools have been introduced in the market. The professional tools for data scrubbing check records for accuracy, typos, spelling and delete all records which have not been updated for years. These tools help companies maintain a high-quality database by regularly cleansing and updating the data.

Types of Data Cleansing Tools


Data cleaners are run inside the operating system to take care of the files and fragments.


Wipers needed to boot from CD or DVD to completely erase the drive. Wipers completely delete the data with a repetition of 1’s and 0’s. This is the process used when you don’t need to data or want to sell out your machine.


Destroyers are the third type of data cleanser tools, which not just erase the data but also make the drive unusable by making it inaccessible. It ensures that no one will be able to recover the information saved on the drive.

Why should businesses invest in data cleansing tools?

To delete unwanted data completely

Data cleansing tools are designed to help businesses refresh their database at regular intervals by deleting unwanted information. The software deletes outdated data after a certain period of time and ensures that the confidential information doesn’t get into wrong hands. By deleting unwanted data from the system, you can be sure of the verified and clean database. It also puts a check on duplicate data that not just eats away space in the system but also forces to the company to waste resources in the maintenance of same.

To prevent identity theft

In a computerized world, almost all the information is saved online. From contact details to the addresses, email ids, and bank details, everything is available in the systems. This has created a huge risk of identity theft. A large amount of individual information is retrieved from unsecured and discarded computers, which is further misused for different crimes. With the help of data cleansing software, users can delete the leftover data from the old systems.

The best part of these tools is that the information gets deleted from everywhere. No one can get the data back even with the help of data recovery software.

To improve customer acquisition activities

Updated data with correct email ids, phone numbers, and other contact details help organizations get more efficient clients and customers. A minor spelling mistake in name or email id can create a huge communication gap. Advanced and customized data cleansing tools not just check the accuracy of the information but also update it on frequent intervals through data quality routines. Clean and updated data help companies get a better response to emailers and other marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, with the help of tools, enterprises can easily manage multi-channel customer data and run marketing campaigns on a wider scale. It helps them in reaching out to the target audience more effectively.

To strengthen decision-making process

Data, be it customer data, supplier data or employee data, make an essential cornerstone of effective decision making in any organization. In large organizations, data doubles every 12-18 months, which needs to be cleaned regularly to make it error free and accurate. The enterprises, which fail to manage their data effectively, also fail to survive in the highly competitive markets.

If you want your company’s decisions to be effective, quick and data-driven, you must invest in some high-quality and advanced data cleansing software. Clean and updated data helps businesses in research, evaluation, decision making and implementation of the decision.

To reduce wastage of money and resources

Every penny makes a huge difference in the balance sheet of the organization. No business can afford to waste money and resources on duplicate data. Suppose you by mistake make a double entry for the supply of certain material to a client and sent it twice. Though the consignment can be declined or returned by the buyers, it will spoil your image in the market. Further, it will also cause wastage of money, time and efforts. By investing in reliable data cleansing tools, you will be able to ensure that the data is accurate with zero repetition and your profits don’t get away due to silly errors.

As the businesses grow, the amount of data they need also increases. Maintenance of such a huge data requires more resources and technical assistance. Chances of duplicate data and errors increase with the growing list and the best way to avoid this is to let software manage the database. A clean, updated and error-free data help enterprises to achieve their goals and increase return on investment. So investment in data cleansing by businesses is an assurance of effective business operations.

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